Friday, September 14, 2012

Chevrolet Impala on 24" Asanti Wheels

Done Nice and Simple ! Check Out the video Below


  1. Wide mag wheels really improves the aesthetics of any car, it’ll look better too if it was in black. Even a simple car with those mag wheels on looks better than a newer model that has smaller mags.

    Sara Anthony

  2. Fantastic! I love this red car! The car’s features looks so good and though I’m not really a lover of anything red, I guess this car is an awesome drive. Anyway, I hope that the car’s engine and other internal features are also doing well. The quality of the car also depends on the small pieces that make it run smoothly on the road. :)

    -Enoch Ross-

  3. Chevrolet impala, having a place with hatchback section, is a minimal auto. Its most excellent highlights incorporate fuel-proficiency weightlessness and contemporary looks. North Park Chevrolet